Tournament UMPL III - Finals [Won by Voltcrasher Miraidons]


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I was planning to write my thanks/so post in the commencements but since everyone is doing it in here I thought id follow. First of all congratz and ggs to entrocefalo, Farce Of The Death and the rest of the miraidons. But ofc this post is mainly for my own players who I was honoured to manage.

You might be the biggest steal of the tour, going 7-2 (the best AG record) for a mere 6k and one of those loses was on a speedtie, I think ive never in every time that I managed gotten such a steal of a player and it kinda sucks that I prob can't buy you again next time for such a price after that steller preformance. It wouldn't be fair tho to only talk about your amazing record cause you also really did add to the team spirit and the overall atmosphere of the team where you effortlessly not only prepped for yourself but also ragib, even tho im not a singles player nor an AG player myself I do hope that I helped atleast a little bit by providing all those scouts. Thanks for playing and participating on the Jirachis PrimalKyogre

Again a great player with a great preformance. I had no idea about 1v1 players before the draft so I asked around and everytime your name came out as one of the best and you certainly didn't disappoint. Going a very very respectable 6-3 you really did put in all the work which I really appriciate. Again just like kyogre not only was your record good but also the team spirit which is a very underrated in terms of importance, its a team tour after all. I am not a 1v1 player but I hope the scouts I provided did help a bit. Thanks for joining us for this ride bo_bobson27

Again a super steal, going 6-3 (with an undeserved loss) for 4,5k, this whole team brought steller preformances and you certainly were part of that. Always wanting to play and never wanting to opt out which is something that I respect a lot. I really did enjoy your endless fighting spirit and motivation you brought to the team and even tho it wasn't the result we hoped for when we were watching the TB in VC it was a blast talking to you and getting to know you and im sure we'll meet again on other teams (or Jirachis 2024). Big thanks for tagging along with us Palestine

For those who don't know both Despacito87 and me know Clarex pretty well and we saw quite a lot of potential in him so we decided we shouldn't selfbuy despite being not to bad at 2v2 ourselfs you could say and buying clarex instead and just supporting him as much as we could, which we did and we really did see a new 2v2 player grow a lot and I was really happy to see that. Despite this being your first real 2v2 tour you really did knock it out of the park with this one and I am sure that despacito would also agree with this when I say that you've grown quite a bit as a player and that I am sure that this is not the last we are gonna see from you and im sure that this is gonna be the next 2v2 topdog after a few more tour experiences. Keep on doing what you do and you can always rely on despacito or me to help you with mons! Big thanks for sitting all those hours with us in VC where we prepped you as much as we could, thanks Clarex PS we gotta play cars against humanity again soon

Ive now managed you 2 times back to back and I was impressed by you last time and you again you didn't disappoint. From ADV Doubles (thanks for the teams btw) to NFE Singles, you really seem to know quite a bit about all sorts of tiers and just like last time even tho I don't play the tier I hope that the testing and warming up that I did with you helped a bit :) And I should add that I was very happy to manage you again, you always put in a lot of work and bring a great mood to the team which I respect a lot. I am pretty sure that this isn't the last time that we are on a team together and im looking forward to the next time we meet. Thanks for joing the team PandaDoux

I am afraid im not really a UM player myself apart from 2v2 so my knowledge on ZU isn't that great but I did always check what was going on in the ZU chats and you guys always did prep quite a bit and seemed to be activly trying to find new ways to play and explore this meta game which was quite cool to see, im afraid that ZU is so far away from all the tiers that I play that I didn't interact with you as much as I wanted but never the less I am very happy that I was your manager and I hope I was a good one :) Thanks for playing and prepping with us avarice

Again the same as with Avarice, im afraid im just not that well known with ZU but that doesn't mean I didn't see you work and play and even tho you had a rough start you didn't let it get to you which might be one of the hardest and most underapriciated qualities you gotta have in anything competitive but you did find your mojo again later in the tour and everytime we needed a win you won, you really pulled through for us when we needed it the most. Thanks for the ride man and I hope to see you again on other teams LustfulLice

both Despacito and I met you during the last OMPL and I think I can also speak for despacito here when I say that you guys were prob some if not our favourite managers we've had so far, so when we saw you signed up we knew we needed to get you. You are in our experience someone you can really build and rely on when it comes to managing and I learned a lot about managing when I was on your team so thanks a bunch for that and I am sure we will meet again soon enough (maybe during OMPL) So thanks a bunch Dragonillis

While I don't really know you guys I was happy to have you guys come along with us and im sure "despacito"will thank you guys for coming along with us DangerDan51 Trooper_02

I think you are the one ive been with on the most teams, we are now on like 4 or 5? eitherway this is the second time I managed you and I am always happy to have you on a team, thanks TTTech

We just knew we needed to get you after our time on the goated GG Gastro's, its always cool having you around and I hope we will meet again on future teams, thanks for coming along with us Fleeting Memories

Thanks a bunch to DEG, BloodAce, eavo. To me you guys are just as much part of the team as any other player, you guys did put in an insane amount of work and I know that a big part of our great run is thanks to you guys, ive seen everything you guys did to help us and I really really appriciate that, thanks so much guys.

And ofc also a S/O to all the other helpers that joined us later on in the tournament, thanks guys <3.

Its weird to think that after being around with you guys for almost 1/4 of a whole year it now has ended (for now!) but I wouldn't have done a thing diffrent and I am really happy that I got to meet you guys and I hope and im sure that we will meet again and with a bit of luck that will be on the Doom Desire Jirachi's 2024 UMPL. Cause one thing is for sure, our business is not done here. I look forward to the next time and I hope I was a good manager for you all, have a great day and remeber that you can always hit me up!
I know it is a bit late but I have been busy. However, I wanted to write down some brief shoutouts to the team which did an amazing run overall being undeafeated for the whole season. That was amazing, honestly.

First of all, thank you Farce Of The Death entrocefalo for drafting me. I did not know you, but you told me you were interested on me since day -X. This fueled my motivation which I hope completed your expectations at some extent. You had a weird drafting (compared to more standard drafts), but it completely payed off. I think having a squat of 18 people and helpers was the key to stay motivated for a very long tour. Thank you again for this, it was a blast. I can honestly say you are the two best managers I have ever had.

I wanted to thank you Maybca☆〜ゝ。∂ because they were the NFE GOAT after all. It was not the best tour for me, but I am glad you shone so much. You tested, built, and played really well. Your motivation and implication were key for me, as I need someone to talk and discuss everyday. Thank you for helping me in order to have the best NFE record. In addition, thank you to all the helpers throughout the tour SpaceSpeakers sleid Fragments ojr Farce Of The Death, without you this would not have been possible. And specially thank you Shing as my source of inspiration. I really admire your thinking process and how you understand mons. I would not understand NFE as much as I do without you.

1v1 squat was super impressive, with an amazing run and brutal environment. You deserved your score buddies Marshme1to cold illusions bea 0.5Mirror and delemon for sending deleting teams.

ZU squat was a familiar one to me. I appreciate having someone that I knew around like sleid Corthius Lizardu'', you worked really hard every week even though the results did not pay off. I am also really happy for you TomatoZause as I could not bring you an avy last ZUPL (even though you did an amazing job in SS ZU), and here I could bring you a second opportunity that totally payed off. I was also genuinely happy to see you winning in finals :).

AG squat was also super impressive Farce Of The Death entrocefalo Darkrai Retribution mitana Adhiraj8202. You had an amazing run, totally deserved. When you played, I thought I could chill and enjoy the game, as winning was highly likely.

2v2 squat with zee and yuki helping was key for POs, which is when it mattered. Thank you for clutching semi-finals and finals, we needed those games!

Finally, thank you to other helpers and specially Fragments as they did a lot in finals seeking revenge for their loss. You are a really good manager, I can tell just for that week. I hope we can work hand to hand sometime!

And that's all folks! It was a blast overall, even though I am not happy with my individual ending results. But we won so it is time to celebrate!!!

UMPL teamdump and NFE analysis coming soon, stay tuned! :blobpex:

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